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Snowflake Pendant Ornament

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Our popular Snowflake Pendant Ornaments are designed to bring a touch of winter wonderland magic to your holiday decor.

Crafted from durable metal, these ornaments are available in two beautiful styles that capture the essence of snowflakes.

Measuring at approximately 3 inches, they come complete with a string for easy hanging and are sublimation ready, allowing you to personalize them with your unique designs.

Key Features:

  • Winter Elegance: These ornaments embody the delicate beauty of snowflakes, perfect for enhancing your holiday decor.
  • Two Stunning Styles: Choose from our two distinct styles to match your festive aesthetic.
  • Convenient Size: At approximately 3 inches, they are just the right size to make a statement on your tree or as charming accents around your home.
  • Sublimation Ready: Customize these ornaments with your own sublimation designs to make them uniquely yours.

Why Choose Our Snowflake Pendant Ornaments? 

  • Perfect for elevating your holiday decor and creating a winter wonderland atmosphere.
  • Ideal for personalizing with sublimation prints, making them unique keepsakes or delightful gifts.
  • The combination of elegance and customization options makes them an essential part of your holiday celebrations.