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Snow-Globe Beer Glass Can

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Introducing our innovative Double-Walled Beer Can Glass Tumbler, designed for beer enthusiasts and beverage aficionados alike.

Available in both 16 oz and 20 oz sizes, these tumblers mimic the classic beer can design with a modern twist. The double-walled construction keeps your drink cold and refreshing, while a pre-drilled hole allows for easy filling.

Each tumbler includes a bamboo lid and straw for convenience. Plus, it's a fantastic canvas for sublimation, allowing you to personalize your drinking experience.

*Please note that these tumblers are not dishwasher or microwave safe*

Key Features: 

  • Two Sizes: Choose from the 16 oz or 20 oz options to suit your preferred beverage size.
  • Innovative Design: The classic beer can shape with double-walled insulation ensures your drink stays cold.
  • Easy Filling: The pre-drilled hole simplifies the filling process, making it perfect for serving your favorite brews.
  • Complete Set: Each tumbler includes a bamboo lid and straw for added convenience.

Why Choose Our Double-Walled Beer Can Glass Tumbler? 

  • Perfect for beer enthusiasts, outdoor gatherings, and anyone who appreciates a cold drink.
  • Ideal for personalizing your tumbler with sublimation prints, making it uniquely yours or a memorable gift.
  • The combination of innovation, style, and customization options makes it a versatile choice for any beverage lover.