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Pumpkin Sacks

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Check out these charming Pumpkin Sacks, designed to add a touch of seasonal warmth to your Halloween decorations.

These sacks feature a luxurious orange velvet fabric and green string accents, capturing the essence of pumpkins in their design.

Whether you're looking to add a personalized touch with HTV or simply use them as is, these sacks are ready to enhance your holiday. Each sack measures approximately 5x6 inches (13x15 cm).

Key Features: 

  • Autumn-Inspired Design: The combination of orange velvet and green string accents perfectly embodies the spirit of fall.
  • Versatile Use: Ideal for personalizing with HTV designs or adding a fun touch to your Halloween decor.
  • Convenient Size: Each sack measures approximately 5x6 inches, making them perfect for various decorative purposes.

Why Choose Our Pumpkin Sacks? 

  • Perfect for elevating your Halloween and fall decorations with a touch of cozy charm.
  • Ideal for adding a personalized and creative element to your seasonal display.
  • The combination of textures and customization options makes them a versatile choice.